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Gamification & Game Development

MILTECH 3D operates is in the golden mean of Gamification with the perfect mix of facts and the fantastical for learning, edutainment and reality simulation game purposes.

We support the following Simulation & Gamification sectors:

Mining Simulation / Mining Gamification
Military Simulation / Military Gamification
Industrial Simulation / Industrial Gamification
Aerospace Simulation / Aerospace Gamification
Medical Simulation / Medical Gamification

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  • Gamification
    a New Era of Marketing
3D Game Development | Gamification & Fun Edutainment

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In a world filled with labour, tasks, and the mundane day to day chores, we all must free up some play time. Allow yourself to be immersed in 3D environments, dedicated to the fantastical or in real-world scenarios where choice and procedure have an outcome of cause and effect. As we enter realistic, utopian or dystopian worlds, modified by the magic of games, we realize, and learn new possibilities, expanding our thought patterns and all that we have to do is imagine. In this instance game development and gamification can either be used as mentoring or teaching platforms or as escapist medium for fun and relaxation or psychotherapy.

Gamification can also be used as a new marketing tool, strategizing, enhancing, informing and sometimes bending the user’s perception about the product or service. .

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