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3D Visualization / 3D Simulation is an area of computer graphics that manages and presents information in a visual form to facilitate rapid, effective, and meaningful analysis and interpretation.

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3D Health and Safety Visualisation or 3D Simulation
SHealth and Safety Process Animation

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Most mining firms are increasingly using geospatial technologies to create 3D infrastructure models and speed up the process of project planning, design and construction. Health and Safety Animations or SHEQ 3D Animations and mining scenario simulations save lives that equates to millions that would have been lost through inactive/lost shift hours. This establishes an intuitive environment for visualising designs and models in 3D, permitting users to easily run 3D Scenarios and explore alternative actions and procedures based on various health and safety procedures, resource and economic values.

Military 3D Process Visualisation / 3D Simulation Military Procedures and Services Visualised in three Dimensional (3D) Environments in Real-time .
Military Process Visualisation

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Military command and control systems use a wealth of visualization techniques that are applied to a variety of application domains, including Command and Control, Intelligence, Logistics and Information Operations. Visualization are also used for simulation programs where military personnel are trained before using live ammunition. Through 3D Simulation techniques, operatives and be better informed and trained for multiple outcomes. Military Simulations – saving you time, cost and lives

3D Medical Process Visualisation Multimedia & Video Production, Health & Safety Videos, Mining and Industrial Videos.
Medical Simulation Visualisation

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3D Visualization and Animation have become essential in the medical field, especially in the analysis of complex situations. The revolutionary abilities of 3D medical imaging devices along with computer reconstruction and rendering of multidimensional medical image data, prevent the need for physical dissection, and help the medical diagnosis and treatments.

Modern highly developed computer image processing research has steered the rapid development of fully interactive 3D Medical Process Visualisation and realistic Medical Simulation. The user interaction methods with computer applications have rapidly developed from decades ago when doctors and surgeons were analysing medical images for the treatments using 2D X-rays. With the evolvement of the computer technologies, medical images can now be visualized and analysed in efficient and more accurate ways by simulation of Medial Processes through enhanced Medical Process Visualisation.

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